Returns & Exchanges


The customer reserves the right to return all or part of the order within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt. A necessary prerequisite for acceptance of the return is that the product and packaging accompanying it are in excellent condition, without the slightest use thereof and it is accompanied by the purchase document or a copy thereof. In every other case the company reserves the right not to approve the right to change or return the product. In the case of product change, the customer shall be charged with the direct cost for returning the products and the new shipment.

In order to complete the process of changing the product, the customer must contact the service department by e-mail at [email protected] indicating the order number or by phone at 2610224699 (Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) within the above deadline and inform us about the new product they desire. Where the new product has a lower price than the returned product, the difference in value shall be sent as a credit balance or gift certificate, and where the price is higher, the payment of the resulting difference shall be charged to the new shipment.

Important information for changing / returning products:

  • • The products must not be worn and / or damaged, in an excellent condition, exactly as shipped.
  • • In the case of shoe returns, the original box of the designer must accompany the shoes, and not another box. The box does not constitute the shipping package of the shoes. For this reason, labels or packaging tapes must not be affixed to it.
  • • In relation to changes, the current product price or the money you have paid at our store shall apply.
  • • Where you have purchased a product belonging to the OFFER category, in order to change it you must again select a product from the OFFER category.



Every order that is sent by  is thoroughly checked; however there is always the possibility of human error. In the event where the reason for the product return relates to an error of the company or a defective product, the cost for returning the product is borne by the company, provided that the return shall be made by the courier company that will be indicated to you. Defective products are defined as those products that have sustained damaged upon their receipt or those that have a proven and obvious manufacturing error. The products that exhibit damage due to use and wear after a period of time following their purchase shall not be considered as defective and the company shall not in any case be obliged to replace them.

All the products that exhibit obvious manufacturing defects shall be replaced with the same product, where available, alternatively the customer may choose any other desired item. The company however reserves the right, in the case of controversial complaints, to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the complaint is real. Users shall be informed about the progress of their complaint. The customer shall not be charged with any shipping costs for the return and new shipment of defective products. Where there is a difference in the price for the new item, it shall be borne by the customer.

Alternatively, you may visit our store with the product for exchange / return and the receipt or purchase invoice, during the valid hours for returns in the store.

The shipping address of the returned products is as follows:


29 Agiou Nikolaou Street, 26221, PATRAS


For any whatsoever additional information or clarification, customers may contact the on-line store at the email address [email protected] or by phone on 2610224699 (Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.).



Where it is not possible for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) to deliver the products within the predetermined time, customer shall be informed by e-mail, in order to state whether they wish to complete the order under these circumstances. The online does not bear any responsibility for any situation that is outside its own fault and shall do everything humanly possible for the best customer service.


In the case where customers receive their order and find that a / some product is missing from the total order, please contact us, to settle all the details that are required and to ship the omitted products without any extra charge.

Defective product


The on-line store reserves the right to modify or renew the transaction terms and conditions. The company moreover undertakes the obligation to update this text in relation to any whatsoever changes or additions to the terms. The use of this website and the services provided on it presupposes and also confirms the user’s acceptance of the pre-existing terms, as they apply, with the above indicatively described amendments, interventions and abolitions by the Company.